Expanding Your Team

If you feel that your business is growing and that it is time for you to hire new staff to take on new roles within the work place and provide a police check, it is indeed a mile stone in your business however, it is important for you to be very careful who you hire for your company. The sad reality is that staff turnover at most companies is very high because the young people of today are not very serious about the job roles that they take on and they do not commit themselves to the job that they start.

The importance of proper investigation

It is vital that when you get an application from someone for a job role that you are offering, you do a proper in detail background check of the person. Company owners have told of stories when new employees have stolen money from the bags of other employees and even sexually harassed existing employees in those first three months because what you are essentially doing is bringing a complete stranger in to your comfort zone and the comfort zones of your employees. It is important that you do individual credit checks in addition to a personal background check before you accept a person in to your office no matter how good their qualifications on paper might seem.

Avoid losing money

When hiring someone, there are two risks. The first is the personal safety risk for your employees but the other is your financial risk which can be minimized by doing a pre-employment background check on the potential employee before you offer employment.

Many young people today tend to have a wondering eye and will usually jump at the opportunity to switch jobs if the pay offered a small amount more than what they are presently getting. A high staff turnover within the work place can make you lose a lot of money because you will end up paying the new member of staff their wages for the first three months of their employment which is usually the most unproductive time of their career with you because you will training them to work but they will not actually be working and bringing in money plus you will also be paying someone else to train them which means that you will be investing two wages in them at the very beginning of their time with you. If they leave you in these months or straight after this, you will lose a lot of money and it will be a loss for your company.